June 01, 2014

Grace Notes, God-beams and Alpenglow


A grace note is one which, although added by the composer, does not need to be played.  When done so, it is entirely in the musician's gift.  To the listener it is a pleasant surprise and allows the virtuoso to stamp their identity on the rhythm.  It is unlooked for, and all the more pleasing for that - especially in the hands of a maestro.   The experience is uplifting.

God-beams are spotted from afar when light breaks through clouds in clear rays high lighting distant fields or foam capped waves.  Usually they happen on cloudy days when the sun breaks through fleetingly, often between sudden deluges of rain.  To see one, from afar, draws the eye heavenwards.

In the mountainous country of Switzerland the Alps tower over Europe and catch the last glints of the sun as it wends Westwards.  The topmost ridges and peaks are illuminated and glow luminescent, exciting the gaze upwards - Alpenglow.

Each of these happy occasions takes us out of ourselves, removes us from the daily grind and enhances our awareness of the greater universe and our place in it.  Suddenly we are drawn to contemplate the spiritual.  That's what this geezer is doing.


Josephine Ranes said...

This is a beautiful description and art piece. Completely changes my perspective of a geezer. Brilliantly done.

Ann Juurinen said...

Brilliant Art, wonderful experiences. Thanks for making my Sunday... much better.