May 24, 2014


One of the oldest symbols of love is the heart.  For some reason the ancients felt that this was where the emotion came from.  Nowadays we know that all human emotion is generated in the brain but we still talk of giving someone our heart.  Or, when someone is speaking earnestly, that they are speaking from the heart - that what they are saying is heartfelt.  You don't have to be a New Age mystic to understand that expression or, indeed, what it expresses.

Inside all of us, according to psychology, is the male and the female part.  Externally we seek to balance that with someone else's personality.  In this drawing of a heart I put together these ideas and the connections that bind us.  We talk of someone as being heartless and others of being all heart.  The words go on.  Who would want to be cruel-hearted?  Finally, who would not want to be of good heart?

Science may have the brain but experience has the heart.

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